Essential oils, which are extracts from plants in very concentrated form can help you manage stress. In fact, essential oils are some of the earliest forms of medicine and cures for ailments. Essential oils can:

  • Affect mood

  • Cleanse the air

  • Provide a wonderful fragrance to your space

  • Some oils can even be ingested but I do not recommend (check with your doctor first!).

Each essential oil is known for promoting different benefits. Here are a few common ones and the magazine, Real Simple, provides more detail.

Lavender: Is known to calm and enhance rest and sleep.

Lemon: Is often used to clean and freshen.

Peppermint: Cools and invigorates (but be careful not to put near your eyes!).

Frankincense: Good for de-stressing and to support a healthy immune system.

You can rub a few drops on your wrists or pulse points. Or, if you have access to a diffuser, then you can add the drops to it with some water.